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What a gift the ministry of Elevate has been to my family and our local church! Serving on staff at Immanuel Baptist Church, we have had the joy of partnering with Elevate Dance Ministry for the past two years for our summer youth camp. Their commitment to artistic excellence pulses with a strong heartbeat for biblical fidelity, discipleship, and evangelism. I trust this ministry, and I'm confident that you can do the same.
– Cody F.
I just wanted to take a minute and say that the recital really exceeded our hopes and expectations and so encouraged our hearts. We have participated in various recitals for various activities with our kids over the years. But we have never experienced a "recital" that was really a ministry with a message. We were so blessed and impacted by program and performances, by the words and dance communicated. Even after watching the program three times, I was challenged and encouraged in the Lord each time. Not only was the program engaging and encouraging for the viewer, I was also deeply moved by the song choices. All the girls danced, over and over and over again, to words that, through the practice process, sank deep into their minds and hearts creating an opportunity to produce fruit in their lives for years to come. You and the other teachers, through the music and in the classes, have spoken truth and life over these girls. As a mom and as an onlooker, I am grateful.
– Brandy K.
My daughter joined Elevate Dance Ministry three years ago and found a home and dance that not only developed her skills but enriched her life in innumerable ways. Jen Dupin and her staff have created a program that is unlike any other that I have found in dance or athletics that builds the confidence and creativity of all of their students. No matter what the level or experience of your dancer, he or she will find a great home at Elevate.
- Rita E.
For me, Elevate is home. The environment is uplifting and I feel happy every time I walk through the door. I know I am loved. My instructors have become friends and mentors. Elevate gives me the opportunity to combine dance and Christian outreach, two things that I love. When I come to class, I get to see some of my best friends and forget any stress that is weighing me down. Over the years I have been at Elevate, I have learned to worship, connect with God, and tell a story to others through dance.
- Emily E. (student)
Thank you for creating and directing a ministry that reaches to the core of the human experience and touches the soul. You bring LIGHT to the darkness through your artistry and spread HOPE to all who experience and see. We are so blessed to have our daughter in your care. Thank you so much for helping her grow spiritually and as a dancer.
- Shannon T.
I don’t know that I can even adequately explain what this year of ballet has meant for my girl. Most places won’t give a child with delays an opportunity like this, but Jen and Elevate didn’t just allow her to participate – they encouraged me to sign her up and then encouraged her all along the way. My biggest concern was that other kids might get frustrated if she didn’t do things just right and not want her to be a part of the group. That not only didn’t happen, but all these precious girls loved and encouraged my daughter and never once treated her differently. I don’t even have the words to tell you what that does for my heart.
– Amber B.
Elevate is a top-notch dance ministry that has blessed my entire family. My daughter continues to develop in her technique and knowledge of dance, but, most importantly, she has grown spiritually. The dancers get quality instruction coupled with love, encouragement and a biblical foundation. I have yet to find a place that balances such high expectations with such love, support and fun. My daughter dances with joy and confidence because Elevate teaches the dancers to dance with a purpose. That purpose is to glorify God through the gift of dance. Through Elevate, my daughter made her commitment to follow God because the Elevate team does such a great job of offering the dancers a safe and inviting place to learn and grow while teaching them foundational truths. The recitals are high quality and uplifting; they are just an amazing display of dancing with purpose. My family looks forward to them all year. We thank God for Elevate. You will love it!
– Laura B.
What happens when a troop of teenage girls uses dance to lead others in worship? God's glory is experienced in creative and powerful ways! As a Christian speaker who combines drawing live "large scale" chalk art canvases woven together with worship music and a biblical message, I have had the privilege of serving alongside the ministry of Elevate Dance on several occasions. Their purity and passion leave the audience inspired and blessed as they elevate Jesus!! Drawn to HIM,
– Kim Wiggington
HeART of Womanhood Ministry